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Fulflo O V-Series Hydraulic Bypass Relief Valves come in 3 types: 
Standard with Screw Connections, Standard with Flange Connections, and Stainless Steel with Screw Connections in a choice of brass, cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. They are a backpressure control valve. 

The Fulflo O V-Series valves range in size from 1/2" - 2" and operate with liquids of any viscosity at pressures from 10 - 500 p.s.i. The valves are adjustable, mount in any position, and allow for flow rates up to 150 GPM.
"OV" Series valves are ideally suited in hydraulic and lubricating systems for load regulation and system protection. Our valves are for liquids only, no air gas or steam, but we can also offer specialized valves for your specific application. Contact our Engineering Dept. at 937-783-2411 for more details.

For complete information on sizes, materials, dimensions, application, installation, maintenance, disassembly, parts list, performance charts, and pressure ranges, call us at 937-783--2411.

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